Homemade Despicable Me Minions Halloween Costumes

Despicable Me 1 and 2 are crazy-cute cartoons, with cheek-pinchable adorable little yellow Twinkie-shaped minions. I predict lots of lminions this Halloween. Want to make a Despicable Me minion Halloween costume? There are several options to create the yellow capsule shaped body of the Despicable Me minion. The first and easiest option is to make a cylinder like a toilet paper rolls, from a large yellow poster board, draw on the minion face, goggles and blue overalls. Simply cut arm holes, slip the tube over the body and push arms through armholes. Wear jeans with black shoes and a long-sleeved yellow shirt to complete the minion Halloween costume. The head sticks out through the tube, but is not dressed as a minion. Oh and my favorite minion line? "stuffed crust."  Easy Despicable Me Minion Halloween Costume Ideas

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