Free Printable Our Lady of Guadalupe Activities

December 12 is the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexico and the Americas. Our Lady appeared to Bl Juan Diego in 1531 . Here are free printable activities to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe. As a ten year veteran homeschooler, I was always on the lookout for activities and lessons share our Catholic faith with the children. If you are a catechist, homeschooler or parochial school teacher, you'll need these links.  Free Printable 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' Activities and Lessons

Free Printable Manger Scenes, Nativity Sets

During Advent we prepare our hearts for Jesus. We set out Advent wreaths, calendars. We put up nativity sets, also called
creche, manger scene or naciemiento. Here are free printable nativity scenes. These paper nativity scenes provide hours of educational fun for children and preschoolers as they color, cut out and assemble the manger scene. Children learn the Christmas story as they create the stable, shepherds, animals, wisemen, Mary, Joseph, angel and Baby Jesus.

In our house, we begin with a stable full of animals on the first Sunday of advent. Each day we move the figures a little closer toward the stable. When the children were young, they loved 'helping' Mary and Joseph and the Magi travel to Bethlehem. We would place an unbreakable nativity set on a shelf at child level and they were free to rearrange the characters as they chose. This was before the 'advent' (pardon the pun) of computers. Now you can print entire nativity sets for preschoolers, Sunday Schoolers, students and children to make themselves. Here are the links. Free Printable Advent and Christmas Nativity Scenes 

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