Free Animal Printables for Chinese New Year 2013 Year of the Snake

While wending my merry way through internet databases and Google searches, I happened upon a free printable treasure trove: a complete free printable pdf packet featuring beautiful coloring pages based on each letter of the alphabet. Each letter is a full page size. The letter outline is filled with nicely drawn images of plants, flowers, vegetables and animals whose names begin with that letter. And being of a holiday mind, I thought how perfect these would be for Chinese New Year. CNY 2013 is year of the snake and is celebrated Feb. 10. The pictures are arranged somewhat like hidden picture puzzles so kids get a game and craft. As students color the pictures, there is a printable page for them to list the animals and plants they find, that begin with each letter. Perfect for preschool and emergent readers. The calendar left gives the order of the animals on the Chinese zodiac. Free Printable Plant and Animal Alphabet Coloring Activities 

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