Homemade no-sew baby and toddler animal Halloween costumes: easy, cheap DIY kids' costumes

Ready-made children's Halloween costumes are adorable, but very expensive. You can create cute DIY baby and toddler costumes easy with this guide. Using your recycle bin, make cute no-sew costumes for little ones, darn near free. Plus they'll be snug and warm for those crisp chilly October evenings. Ready? Let's begin.

First, decide what your child will go as for trick-or-treat. The easiest costumes for babies and toddlers are animals.

Next, you will need:
* blanket sleeper (zippered pajamas with covered feet). Use an old one or pick one up second hand. Choose sleeper color based on the type of animals it will be used for:
--green: frog,dinosaur, gecko lizard, dragon, caterpillar, parrot
--yellow or tan: baby chick, tiger, leopard, lion
--red: ladybug, bird, fox
--pink: pig, shrimp
--black, brown, white or gray: cat, dog, donkey, horse, cow, squirrel, raccoon, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, penguin
--orange, blue or purple: bird, fish, butterfly
* knit hat in matching color
* five old socks in matching colors
* recycled cardboard from cereal boxes or packaging
* black permanent marker
* eyebrow pencil
* lipstick
* hot glue gun or glue dots or Vel-cro
* sharp scissors
* assorted fabric scraps, pom-poms, feathers, faux gems, ribbon, sequins (optional)

* Draw design details with permanent marker on sleeper: lines, circles, stripes, spots wings etc.
* Hot glue (or use glue dots) to add embellishments to sleeper: sequins or faux gems are great for fish scales or birds. Glue faux feathers on for bird wings. Glue ribbon on for stripes. Pom-poms can be fish scales, curly-haired puppies.
* On two socks (or old old knit gloves) draw black lines on toe ends simulate paws or claws. Draw circles on the palm to look like paw pads (socks make great improvised mittens).
* Stuff one sock with recycled rags for a tail. Sew it to the back of the sleep or hot glue it on. You can also glue a large pom pom on the back for a fuzzy tail.
* Make ears using the remaining two socks and the knit hat. Stuff the socks halfway full of scrap fabric. Cut two small holes in the hat for ears. Push open ends of socks through holes and tie knots in ends so socks won't slip through hole.
* Draw a simple animal face on child. For whiskers make three lines on each side of the face. Add red or brown lipstick for nose. Don't add too many details as child might get makeup in her eyes.
Baby will be toasty warm and cute as a bug!

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